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Do you want more team empathy, collaboration & creativity ?


You are an innovative organization that values 21st century skills like empathy, collaboration and creativity. We meet this need through experiential one day and half day workshops* around topics including:

  • Focus Better Now
  • Building Empathy
  • Embracing Failure
  • Levels of Listening
  • Tapping into Collective Wisdom
  • Visual Modelling for Innovation
  • Embodied Leadership
  • Social Presencing

Workshops are customized for your specific context.

The photos above include examples of tools and methods applied in our workshops. Pictured are the Empathy Toy, Liberating Structures Icons, and Theory U 3D Modeling.

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  • Aylam Hofstein, TopHat, the Higher Education App
    My team and I had the honor of experiencing Michelle Moore's workshop on Organizational Attention.  In a world where focus and effectiveness are a rare commodity, Michelle tackled these challenges and provided us with practical tools and mindsets to improve as a team. She helped us reflect on the question, "How can we continue to create substantial value, without sacrificing wellbeing?"  Thank you, Michelle, for bringing the team together, for striking the main chords, and no less - for making our time with you a fun experience with practical action items to implement.
    Aylam Hofstein, TopHat, the Higher Education App
  • Dr. Tricia Keilthy
    I think I was surprised at how useful it was to reflect on the work that I do and think about different issues differently.
    Dr. Tricia Keilthy
    Society for St. Vincent dePaul
  • Emma Rogan
    I am surprised by the creative process. I really enjoyed the silence. I think it provided space to be. I am a shy retiring person. And I'm surprised at how free I felt.   I was willing to engage and speak out like I wouldn't normally.
    Emma Rogan
    European Multiple Sclerosis Platform

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